Send notifications in Intune

Now it’s possible to send notifications directly from Intune to IOS and Android devices. The messages will pop up on the user’s device as a standard “Push notifiction”. Examples could be to update employes what they will get for lunch today or updates of any importance.

Not supported on Windows/macOS


  • Company portal need to be installed
  • Allow Company portal to send push notifications (users will be prompt to accept)
  • Android Google play services required
  • MDM enrolled


  • Max 50-char titles and 500-char messages
  • No history
  • 25 messages per hour
  • 25 groups (Groups may include devices and users but will only send to IOS and Android devices)


If you are OK to all the requirements then you ready to send your first notification, and no it’s not rocket science 🙂

Create a custom notification
Confirmation of a sent notification



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