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So you probably already seen the Ignite session about the new certifications the two new exams. If not then go ahead and watch Chris Rhodes here:

Chris Rhodes will tell you about the Road Map they plan to implement, the exam was not even in beta when ignite were live. But they are now.

In the above image, you will find the two EXAM written more detailed in ITL Titles. If you are already familiar with Office 365 i would suggest you went ahead with MS-100 whenever you can in December.

MS-100 (Microsoft 365 Identity & Services Exam) & MS-101(Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security)

MS 100 https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/66618

MS 101 https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/65823

You will need to pass two EXAM with a passing score of 700 currently(NOT 70%), this might change as the exam goes out of beta. Below you see the slide from Chris Rhodes.

This slide shows a good overview of how the exam is gonna happen at your local course center. I use Arrow in Denmark near my workplace Atea. Below you will see the Exam basics from Chris Rhodes MS-100 Session.

Since i have already taken two exams for the MCSA Windows 10 the thing that caught my eye in the session was that they will implement Performance-based testing they call it. Below you will see the performance slide.

This will change things up a bit, right now you only see Drag and drop etc. Now you actually got hands-on directly and you can click around as much as you want, as long the task is completed. You can choose for your self if you wanna use Powershell, Batch or just use the GUI.

They also introduced Microsoft Learn portal but for now, you won’t find any content regarding the new M365 Cert. I might make a blog post regarding the new portal when it gets some more content, the first thing that caught my eye was on the XP system you will find when you log in.

So where should you start? The MS-100 wants you to focus on the following:
Just break it down do not make it complex! When you see the session you will hear that Chris is saying a lot that you should look into all the 4 options when he shows the Quiz slide.

The next thing is how do you get started with your own lab? At my company, we got Visual Studio Enterprise account(right now I got removed whoohuuuu). Next thing is that you should make the fearless guru page Microsoft docs your new personal invisible friend.

To help you out I found the Test Lab Guides that were already released in 9/19/2018 but I was not at ignite and I did not find it.

This link will be your new study page:

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Test Lab Guides

When you click around you will soon find the Azure Resource Manager template. Get familiar with it.

Then just continue down “Password Hash Sync” “Pass-Through authentication” etc.

Me personal is gonna go ahead with looking at Chris Rhodes MS-100 slides and see the quizzes(since they are most likely from the actual exam). And just continue down the list you will find on Microsoft 365 Enterprise Test Lab Guides.

Remember to look at Plurralsight and the new Microsoft Learn page, for content.

You can also go ahead and use:
by Liberty Munson (Microsoft)


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