Microsoft Intune for Education Deployment Workshop Day();

On 10. December 2018, I was at Microsoft Denmark to hear about Intune for Education with the following speaker panel

Jeff Buller, Travis Jones, DeAnna Saville, Chris Urban, and Paolo Matarazzo.

Some of the things that they focus on with the Intune for Education is mention below. There were a lot more, but I won’t go into details, but highlight what caught my interest the most

Simple Enrollment
Bring devices under management simply by AAD joining or using Company Portal

Easy Deployment
Full IT service or delegate with USB setup key

Zero touch management
Apps and settings applied to each enrolled device by default

A use case could be that the IT department will use less time on each device when they are being prepared before hands-on from the students. The student will have less interruption and headache.

Easier shared device management
Each user can get different settings/apps if required

Designed for Education
Easy to use for common school scenarios

Import school, student and teacher info quickly
Use school data sync to automatically create classes and keep students data-up-to-date

Fast introduction to Intune for Education portal
The Intune for Education is designed for schools and only looks a little different compared with the standard Intune portal. The Intune for Education portal is simple and is supposed to be used without any prior training.

Highlighting some of the requirements
We saw a slide with requirements and what caught my eye was that minimum OS versions are iOS version 10  and Windows 10 version 1703.

But consider just investing in the new Surface product line of which I am a huge fan. The following link is the business perspective but would easily apply to education:

Setup provisioning packages with School for PCs App from Microsoft Store.

Intune for Education

Enroll devices

Microsoft 365 A3+A5 or as a standalone license.


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