Evolve the pokemon

The end….oh I mean the beginning.

I started in Atea Denmark in consulting this year been here since Feb. Had no clue what all the short buzz word meant, I felt a bit awkward. DC, ADFS, MFA, Auto Pilot, SCCM & even build number could confuse me when I was sitting with some of the best consultants in Denmark. What kind of spaceship is that? How do you combine them? Where do you find your information?

I then began to study for MCSA Windows 10 completed the Exam and got my badge. But was I ready now? No.

I then got to work in a different department internal in Atea. They worked with the solutions that were implemented by the department I am connected. I got the tools I needed, and I got cases to solve, this was the backbone of my evolvement to be better. I started inside the machine, and my job was to help our customers with any IT problem they might have. I learned a lot!

Always ASK the person next to you with 1, 2, 10, 20 years of hands-on experience, you will find out that even the most awkward question most likely the experienced person will explain. BUT nothing comes from the cloud and lands in your lab.

You will need to do your research out from the knowledge you receive if you don’t why should the person then use their time on you?

The interest comes from inside first, and you will need to show that you are here to learn basics out from the goals that you presented. And no you do not need to know in your learning phase where you will end up, but you will slowly find out what your passion is and when it pops up then say it! Was it then not the place you wanted to be? Then change it, but explain why and find a new passion!

When the passion is found, your motivation rise, when your motivation rises your knowledge evolves!

The key is from my perspective, ask the WRONG question so you can build on from the knowledge you are learning, from the person you ask. Don’t stop. Share then your information with others!

Remember when you are a Trainee and not a grown consultant, how can you make the day a little better for consultants around you that answer your questions daily? Bring positive vibes, and no I am not saying that you can only bring positive vibes, sometimes it will be negative but still share it and put the thoughts into words so that you can continue the journey.

You will soon inspire others without even knowing, my journey has just begun in Atea Denmark.