Assign App Protection (APP) for Unmanaged Device or Managed Device

I often see that my customers don’t wish to have the same App Protection Policies on their managed/unmanged devices. In this demo, I will require 6 Digit Pincode for Unmanaged Devices in the BYOD scenario on the IOS platform.


Prequestions check

  • Intune license
  • AAD account
  • Test Group


Lets head over to > > Client Apps > App protection policies
Click Create policy > Name it > Platform = IOS > Target to all app types = No > Choose Apps on unmanaged devices > Apps select Outlook

If Platform is Android you will have one more App type, under > Target to all app types >Apps in Android Work Profile

Now you can actually assign this APP to the same group you would assign the APP on managed devices but in this one we will set the 6 digit Pincode

Good to know with APP


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