Applicability rules

Applies to Windows 10 and later

Now its possible to target devices with a criteria. Lets say you wish to assign the an Profile to “All Devices” but you need to make sure the devices are supported. And this Profile should only be deployed to, Windows 10 Enterprise and running 1809 to 1903.

We will try and deploy an Device restriction to following criteria:

  • OS Edition Windows 10 Enterprise
  • OS Version 1809(Redstone 5) to 1903(19H1)

It should then look like this:

Important from docs.

There are two profiles with the exact same rule, such as enabling BitLocker. The second profile has an applicability rule. The profile without the applicability rule is applied.

The devices that don’t apply to the applicability rule show as Not applicable. Intune looks at the device, and evaluates it as Not applicable.



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